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CAARMS 17 Speakers:

Please click their titles for the abstract.

Terrence Blackman
Medgar Evers College

On the Arithmetic and Geometry of Quaternion Algebras: A New Spectral Correspondence for Maaß Waveforms


Antwan Clark
University of Maryland

Exploring Nonlinear Dynamics of Iris Deformation


Todd Coleman
University of Illinois / University of California at San Diego
An Inverse Optimal Control and Information Theoretic Understanding of the M/M/1 Queue

Andrea Hairston
Duke University

A Notion of Equivalence between Linear and Nonlinear Stochastic PDE’s

Ryan Hynd
Courant Institute 

Ground States of the Infinity Laplacian


Monica Jackson
American University

Impact of Geography on Mammography Use in California


Otis Jennings
Duke University

Visualization of Heavy Traffic Queueing Phenomena

Sean Paul
University of Wisconsin

Orbit closures, Hyperdiscriminants, and Lower bounds on K-energy maps

Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem
Lafayette College

Hopf and Backward Bifurcations in a New SIS Malaria Model

Rodney Wallace

The Challenges of Cross-Training in IT Service Systems: A Global Simulation Study